How to Spa at The Spa at Torrey Pines


In order to secure your preferred services and times, we highly recommend that you schedule all spa appointments a minimum of two weeks in advance for weekday bookings, and two to four weeks in advance for weekend or holiday bookings. Guests under the age of 12 are limited to nail and hair salon services. Guests who are 12-16 years of age may receive hair, nail and facial services. Guests who are 16 years of age and older may receive any of the services on our menu and use the facilities. All guests under the age of 16 must have a parent or legal guardian present with them in the spa and will not be permitted to use the spa facilities. All guests are required to sign a Liability Release and Consent Form at the time of receiving treatment. A parent or legal guardian is required to sign for anyone under the age of 18.

appointment cancellation

If you cannot keep your appointment, a 24-hour change or cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged.  All no-show appointments will be charged n full. Group reservations are subject to contractual agreement.

comfort level during the treatment

If at any time during the treatment you are not completely comfortable, whether it is the pressure of the massage or the volume of the music, simply let the treatment providers know. This is your time and the treatment providers are there to make sure your experience is everything that you want it to be.

what time to arrive

We invite you to use the facilities — including herbal-infused steam room, sauna, and fitness facility — before and after your spa treatments. We have a relaxation lounge for you to enjoy. We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your first treatment time. This will allow you ample time to check in, shower, and prepare for your treatment.


Gratuities are a matter of personal discretion. They should reflect your level of satisfaction with our services.

what to bring

We will provide you with a locker room full of vanity amenities, including a robe and sandals. For the treatment you will disrobe to your comfort level. During all treatments, the only area of the body that is not completely draped is the area being worked on. Bathing suits are required for all hydrotherapy treatments.

What to leave at home

We ask that you do not bring cell phones into The Spa. Alcohol is not permitted in The Spa and is not recommended before or after a treatment. We also recommend that you do not bring jewelry or valuables to The Spa. A locker will be provided to lock your clothing and other personal items.

arriving late

Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatment, thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end on time so that the next guest will not be delayed. The full value of your treatment will be applied.


You may purchase gift cards for any dollar amount. They can be used at The Spa for services or retail, at A.R. Valentien and The Grill, or for overnight accommodations at The Lodge at Torrey Pines.
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