Massage Therapies

Massage employs various methods of manipulation to relieve stress, muscle tension, and fatigue. Circulation is improved, which helps to induce relaxation.
An ancient healing art dating back to 4500 BC. Choose from one of our specialty blends of aromatherapy oils to personalize your massage experience. The combination of healing oils and massage will encourage deep relaxation and release tension stored in the body.
50 minutes   $150  |  80 minutes   $215

Share ultimate relaxation with a close friend, family member or significant other while two therapists perform simultaneous massages in the same candlelit room. Feet will be wrapped in warm towels, and a square of our signature dark chocolate with Hawaiian sea salt will bring this experience to a sweet end.
50 minutes $300 | 80 minutes $430

Encourages relaxation and focuses on reducing the many stressors a woman’s body encounters during pregnancy. Prenatal massage is also highly beneficial for your baby, who will feel the relaxing effects of massage within the womb. This massage uses pillows and is performed primarily while you rest on your side for comfort.
50 minutes $150

*This treatment is offered in the last two trimesters only.
Fall head over heels in love with this hand, neck, foot and scalp massage that melts tension away from the entire body. The full 50-minute experience incorporates soothing argan oil into the scalp massage. The 25-minute massage will focus solely on the feet.
25 minutes (feet only)
50 minutes (hands, feet and scalp)

Enter into a state of pure tranquility as warm basalt stones are strategically placed along the energy centers of the body. The warmth of the stones combined with a customized, full-body Swedish massage will induce a state of deep relaxation. 
80 minutes $215

Find your bliss with a personalized massage incorporating our signature lemongrass and sage oil. Simply describe your perfect massage and our expert therapists will take care of the rest.
50 minutes $150 | 80 minutes $215
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