Water Therapies

Hydrotherapy is a European tradition of “taking of the waters.” Underwater massage and hydro jets work in conjunction with the physical properties of temperature and pressure.

Exclusive Oligomer® Seawater Bath in a hydrotherapy tub soothes muscles and enhances relaxation. Trace elements nourish and remineralize your body as the synergistic effects of the jets and seawater enhance your body and spirit.
25 minutes   $80


Indulge in a unique sensorial experience as you sink into a warm, aromatic bath of vanilla, bergamot, and rose. As the underwater jets gently ease muscle tension, the bath oil will leave your skin silky smooth. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and savor this truly tranquil moment for body and mind.
25 minutes   $80


Suspend time as you indulge in this luxurious milk bath. A beauty secret used for more than 2,000 years, the natural enzymes in the milk will leave your skin soft and smooth. Your experience is complete with a 25-minute application of warm body milk.
50 minutes   $150


Taken from the vineyards of Napa Valley, enjoy the benefits of antioxidant rich grape seed and relaxing lavender. While you soak in the bath you can enjoy a special grape seed tea blend of your choice. The treatment is completed with a 25-minute application of antioxidant-rich body butter.
50 minutes   $150

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